• Nuurzhaelan


    Small winged woman from a species on the planet Palatise possessing mega strength and resilience.
  • The Stand

    The Stand

    Once in everyones life you are going to have to stand for something...
  • Vessel


    Bede Stewart a cursed man who is forced to jump between bodies and help others find their correct path in the afterlife.
  • Aloysius Pendergast

    Aloysius Pendergast

    A quirky FBI Agent and friend of Nightingale
  • Arcade


    Gimmick-based villain and assassin
  • Ben Grimm

    Ben Grimm

    A pilot who was turned into a monstrous thing when exposed to Galactus's cosmic energies, he was recently cured by the Stand.
  • Captain America

    Captain America

    The grandson of the legendary Super Soldier, James Steven Rogers is trying hard to live up to his namesake.
  • Deadpool


    A seemingly unkillable, mentally unstable mercenary with a penchant for explosions
  • Donald Blake

    Donald Blake

    A surgeon at New York General Hospital
  • Donald Carson

    Donald Carson

    A victim of the Surgeon
  • Eutropia


    The sister of the Bishop of Riems during the time of the Barbarian Invasion of the Roman Empire
  • Ghost


    A phase-shifting villain working for Kang the Conqueror
  • Human Torch

    Human Torch

    A brash SHIELD agent, Johnny Storm has the ability to generate and control fire
  • Hydroman


    A metahuman with the ability to control and become water.
  • Invisible Woman

    Invisible Woman

    Sue Storm is a SHIELD operative with the ability to turn invisible and create powerful invisible forcefields.
  • John Smith

    John Smith

    A Detective Inspector with Scotland Yard.
  • Justice


    A Vigilante Hero with some mystical power over life and death, she tends to be a bit more lethal when other heroes aren't around.
  • Kang the Conqueror

    Kang the Conqueror

    Kang is a would-be ruler of the Earth who originates from the 4th millenium.
  • Kate Young

    Kate Young

    A victim of the Surgeon saved from dismemberment by Doc Holly Day, Steam and Justice
  • Malus


    Dr. Karl Malus was a criminal geneticist who made hybrid creaturs fusing animal (and Palatasian) and humans DNA.
  • Mario Belletonio

    Mario Belletonio

    A homicide Detective for the NYPD
  • Mockingbird


    A special Operative for SHIELD, Barbara Morse prefers a more up-close-and-personnal approach to solving missions
  • Nathaniel Essex

    Nathaniel Essex

    A mutant geneticist with the ability to duplicate other mutants' powers.
  • Scorpion


    A metahuman with the ability to become a half-man, half-scorpion monster
  • Stegron


    A paleontologist who can transform himself into a half-man, half dinosaur.
  • The Surgeon

    The Surgeon

    A serial killer who dismembers victims; he delights in making future victims watch helplessly
  • Thinker


    The second smartest person in the world, he can predict almost any outcome.
  • Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan

    Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan

    An experienced SHIELD agent