Gimmick-based villain and assassin



F: RM (30)
A: EX (20)
S: GD (10)
E: EX (20)
R: RM (30)
I: EX (20)
P: IN (40)

Health: 80
Karma: 90
Notoriety: 0
Resources: EX


Mental Shield: Arcade has a device implanted in his brain that provides a mental shield of AM (50) intensity against mental probe, telepathy, mind reading and psionic attacks. Using it, however, causes him some minor injury; he takes 10% of the intensity of the attack as damage, and must make an endurance feat against edged attack


Arcade is fiendishly clever when it comes to designing death traps. He is smart enough to know that he is outmatched against most super-heroes, and so his plans usually involve putting third parties at risk in order to get the heroes to play his “games.”

Arcade is skilled with guns, knives, and hand to hand combat. He also gains a +1 CS to Reason when dealing with poisons and hallucinogenic compounds. Further, he gains +2 CS to reason and resource feats when attempting to design weapons and “Murderworld” locations. He is also a very skilled computer programmer, and gains +2 CS to all computer-related feats.


Arcade may carry a variety of novelty-based gadgets and weapons, but in general tends to use complex traps and scenarios in encounters.

Known Associates

Arcade has two associates, Miss Locke and Mr. Chambers, who help him carry out his plans. Miss Locke has business and legal skills, and was his primary “handler” when he was a free-lance assassin. Mr. Chambers is a genius electrical and mechanical engineer, and he assists Arcade by helping him build his weapons and traps.



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