Captain America

The grandson of the legendary Super Soldier, James Steven Rogers is trying hard to live up to his namesake.



F: IN (40)
A: RM (30)
S: EX (20)
E: EX (20)
R: GD (10)
I: RM (30)
P: EX (20)

Health: 110
Karma: 60
Popularity: 10
Resources: GD


Super Soldier Serum
James Steven “Bucky” Rogers is the grandson of Captain America, and aspects of the Super Soldier Serum are embedded in his DNA. He has the potential to reach peak human statistics, and can advance his ability scores to these levesl at ½ the normal karma cost. His body actually has the capability of exceeding human limits, and can reach RM strength and IN Endurance. Karma costs for exceeding human maximums is not reduced. In addition, Defender has a form of longevity. His life span is not increased, but his physical prime will last until he is well into his 60s, before his body begins to age at an increased rate. By the time he is 80, his body will match his actual age.

Heightened Senses: EX
An unpredictable side effect of the Super Soldier Serum, Defender has the ability to hear extremely well, allowing him to eavesdrop on conversations and hear approaching footsteps that would otherwise be too soft.


Captain America is a skilled hand to hand combatant, with Martial Arts A, B, and D.) and an exceptional marksman and short to mid range (Guns). A member of the United States Army, Captain America has the Military talent. Captain America is also a natural leader, and adds 50 karma to any karma pool he is a part of (Leadership).

In addition, he gains a +1 to all combat feats when using his shield, which includes throwing his shield at a target. If he is not throwing his shield, Captain America gains a free block action each round. Blocking is performed using his Fighting rank instead of his strength, and a green feat is all that is required for a successful block.


Captain America’s Shield: A round shield made of an unbreakable mixture of vibranium and adamantium, Captain America’s shield is an iconic weapon from decades past. It can successfullly nullify up to 1000 points of damage from any attack which can be physically blocked. Captain America can use the shield as a blunt weapon, inflicting damage +1 CS per hit. It is aerodynamic, and can be thrown to bounce off of multiple targets, doing -1 CS in damage per target after the first. (Captain America has only trained to hit a single target; a power stunt would be necessary to attempt a multi-target attack).

Body Armor: Captain America wears a suit of body armor that provides TY (6) protection against shooting and edged damage.


Captain America

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