A seemingly unkillable, mentally unstable mercenary with a penchant for explosions


Real Name: Wade Wilson


Wilson has demonstrated substantial skill in both hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. He can regenerate from injury so rapidly that small cuts and abrasions knit within seconds, while more traumatic damage takes minutes to heal. Deadpool has claimed that he is immortal.

Wilson frequently reacts with a disregard for danger, a unorthodox sense of humor, and will become violent with little to no provocation. His loyalty appears to go to the highest bidder, and he been shown to switch sides in the middle of a firefight because of a better offer.


The Avengers first encountered Deadpool in the underground cloning laboratory run by Nathaniel Essex. Wilson was one of about forty mutants who had been captured and used to provide regular DNA samples. Wilson was kept as a test subject, as horrific injury did not prove to be fatal.

The Avengers freed Deadpool from captivity. However, shortly thereafter he was offered $10,000 by Essex to fight the Avengers. Deadpool took the contract, but was promptly seduced by a counter-offer of “twenty-thousand,” and Deadpool sided with the Avengers. Once all the captives were freed, Deadpool told the Avengers that he was going to complete his initial mission; before his capture, he had been hired to destroy the cloning facility. He gave the Avengers adequate time to escape before detonating the laboratory, with no concern for his own safety.

Months later, bounty hunter and collection agent Lucas Cage presented an invoice to the Avengers in the amount of $20,000, for services rendered by Deadpool. Cage claimed he was hired to collect on the debt, and that his finder’s fee was 10%. Cage also advised that to ensure cooperation, Deadpool claimed to have further information that he would sell to the Avengers in exchange for prompt payment. Cage refused any method of repayment that was not a wire transfer, and the Stand transferred the funds. Cage advised that the information Deadpool had was about additional cloning laboratories run by Essex. After ensuring that Cage had gotten his payment, the Stand hacked Deadpool’s account withdrew the remaining $18,000.


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