The sister of the Bishop of Riems during the time of the Barbarian Invasion of the Roman Empire


Eutropia is a 25 year old woman, the sister of Bishop Nicasius. Physically, she is large (five feet and ten inches), burly, and facially unattractive by modern standards. She is a caring, tender and joyful woman, who has managed to avoid being married off to a loveless relationship. She is adored by the people of Riems, for her gentle treatment of orphans and the sick, for her willingness to help out farmers during the harvest season, and her boisterous antics in the taverns. While she has been classically trained, she continually frustrates her older brother with her “inappropriate” behavior.

Eutropia learned to fight with fists, spear and knife, from friends she made with the Guardsmen. A year past, a Legion passed through the city moving east, and it stayed for a month to resupply and rest. During that time, she fell in love with a Centurion, Horatius Macer, who loved her back, and he intended to approach the Bishop for her hand in marriage once his unit returned from the frontier. News of his death cast Eutropia into a great sadness, and she has not yet recovered.



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