Human Torch

A brash SHIELD agent, Johnny Storm has the ability to generate and control fire


F: GD (10)
A: EX (20)
S: GD (10)
E: EX (20)
R: GD (10)
I: GD (10)
P: TY (6)

Health: 60
Karma: 26
Popularity: 4
Resources: GD


Fire Generation
Johnny Storm can generate up to UN intensity fire from all or part of his body. He can do up to 100 points of damage as far as three areas away.

Energy Sheath – Fire
The Human Torch can surround himself with flames, allowing him the ability to Fly at Excellent speed (10 areas/round) and control. In addition, areas of his body which are encased in flame have effectively IN (40) protection against material weapons, except those which cannot be melted or damaged by heat. Weapons of IN material strength or lower are melted/turned to ash, or otherwise destroyed. Other physical attacks (such as punching, grappling) affect Johnny normally, but the attacker is subjected to IN (40) fire damage.

Control Fire
The Human Torch can control fire with UN ability, and his established power stunts include absorbing fire and heat, producing flaming images, and creating flame cages.

The Human Torch cannot be damaged by fire or heat.

Nova Flame
As an established power stunt, the Human Torch can release an omnidirectional explosion of flame and heat, which does 500 points of damage to anything within 40 yards, and 150 to everything between 40 and 200 yards. After exploding as such, his fire generation ability and energy sheath powers are reduced to FE (2) for 10 rounds, and he must make a successful Yellow endurance feat or pass out for 1-10 rounds.


Johnny is an expert mechanic and driver.


Human Torch

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