A metahuman with the ability to control and become water.


Real Name: Morris “Morrie” Bench


Hydroman has not demonstrated any particular skill with combat, although he can fire jets of water from his arms and use them as giant, watery clubs that strike for a large amount of damage. Hydroman’s strength has been observed to be super-human, with the capability of lifting at least a small automobile. When in watery form, he retains partial colorization and features of his human self, but is nearly impervious to even moderate amounts of physical force, as his body flows around the attack.

Hydroman has demonstrated the ability to engulf a person within his watery form, leaving the victim with little leverage to escape, and it is reasonable to suppose that a victim trapped long enough would drown.

Forcing Hydroman to lose a significant portion of his water mass has shown to cause him injury, but he has also demonstrated the ability to absorb water back into his form, apparently healing himself.


Morris Bench was a member of the US Navy, but was dishonorably discharged for being involved in a number of fights. Bench turned to petty crime, mostly burglaries and robbery, but soon found himself on the run from the police. In an attempt to evade capture, Bench dove into the water under a pier. Unknown to him, however, toxic waste had been dumped into the water at that same location minutes before, and the chemicals forced his body to painfully dissolve. Days later, he reformed, seemingly normal in appearance, but significantly stronger and with the ability to transform into water.

Picking the name Hydroman, Bench became a much more successful criminal, although his ambition never led him far from robbery. He first encountered the Avengers when he was hired by HYDRA to assist in fighting off police. It was at that time that Hydroman first met Mac Gargan, aka the Scorpion, and the two became lasting friends.

Hydroman has been defeated by the Avengers on four occasions.


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