Invisible Woman

Sue Storm is a SHIELD operative with the ability to turn invisible and create powerful invisible forcefields.



F: GD (10)
A: GD (10)
S: TY (6)
E: EX (20)
R: GD (10)
I: EX (20)
P: GD (10)

Health: 46
Karma: 40
Popularity: 10
Resources: GD


Invisibility – EX
Sue can turn herself invisible with EX (20) rank ability. She has trained herself to perform the following power stunts: make others invisible, make objects invisible, and make invisible objects visible.

Force Field Generation – MN
The Invisible Woman can form a projected Force Field of Monstrous Strength over one area, reduced by -1CS in strength for each additional area it encompasses. The Invisible Woman may project her force field around herself or others, and can soften it to create a cushion that can absorb up to Monstrous damage. Unless the field is mentally braced (I round), Sue suffers Stun and Slam results of attacks on the field. The field drops if Sue is incapacitated.

This is an established Power stunt of Sue’s Force Field Power. By creating a column of invisible force beneath her and allowing that column to topple and elongate, Sue can “fly” at 2 areas/round. She may carry others with her, up to a total weight of 10 tons.


The Invisible Woman has the performer talent as well as Martial Arts E.


Sue does not wear any body armor, as it interferes with her ability to use her powers. However, she does carry a handgun that can do GD (10) damage at a range of 5 areas. The clip size is 10 rounds, and she carries a spare clip. Sue also carries two concussion grenades of RM intensity. Sue has practiced to use her force fields in conjunction with the stun grenades to lessen the affect they may have on her teammates.


Invisible Woman

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