A special Operative for SHIELD, Barbara Morse prefers a more up-close-and-personnal approach to solving missions



F: EX (20)
A: EX (20)
S: TY (6)
E: GD (10)
R: EX (20)
I: EX (20)
P: TY (6)

Health: 56
Karma: 46
Popularity: 0
Resources: GD



Barbara “Bobbi” Morse is a biologist by academic training, and is trained as a crime-scene analyst (Biologist, Law Enforcement and Detective/Espionage). She is a skilled gymnast and hand to hand combatant (Acrobatics, Tumbling, Martial Arts B and C). In addition, she is a weapon specialist in her battle staves (see Equipment).


Body Armor
Mockingbird wears a specialized costume which provides EX (20) protection against physical damage, and GD (10) versus energy, fire, electricity and cold.

Battle Staves
These are a pair of RM material strength batons, which Mockingbird has holster in special spring-powered holsters on her forearms. Mockingbird can inflict GD (10) blunt damage with them, and she can also throw these for GD (10) damage at a range of 3 areas.

The staves can be fired from her holsters to inflict EX (20) damage, and on a successful Agility feat, it will bounce back to her hand after striking its target.

The staves can be connected to form a vaulting staff, which can telescope to 8 feet in length. Striking with the vaulting staff does EX (20) damage.



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