Gale Gracen
aka Nightingale

Ms. Gracen is an accomplished forensic scientist. She is a New York native, born and raised in Queens itself.

Her father Gerald Gracen was also well known in his own respect, crowned three years in a row as the New York Chess champion. His love of the game was something he instilled into his daughter, that and as she grew older the love of a good scotch and cigar. Every weekend you could find both of them playing rounds and rounds of chess in central park. Some of her best memories stem from that park.

If her father was known through NYC, then her mother is well known throughout the world. Dr. Martha Gracen’s work with genetics is ground breaking. She was one of the first to discover the mutant gene.

Now later in their lives, Dr. Martha Gracen and her husband are usually jet setting about different conferences where Dr. Gracen has been requested to speak.

It is no wonder that Gale has become a doctor on her own. Her love of biology and genetics, have secured her a position at Columbia University. Students from all around the world come to take her courses. It was also here that she started assisting the local NYC Police Departments with hard to understand forensic cases.

Gale’s childhood though was a bit different than most. Gale Gracen is a mutant and was one of her mother’s own case studies. Her mutant abilities started off much like others mutants. Gradually growing in Gale till her 12th birthday when they finally manifested. Of course, her mother knew Gale was a mutant long before this but did not let Gale know as to watch the process take its natural course.


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