A metahuman with the ability to become a half-man, half-scorpion monster


Real Name: MacDonald “Mac” Gargan


When in his normal human state, Scorpion is physically unremarkable. When transformed, however, he becomes a powerful creature. His body is protected by a hard carapace, and his strength has increased substantially; he has exhibited force suggesting he could at least lift three tons. His hands are replaced by claws that possess a very powerful grip, and his tail contains a corrosive fluid which can eat away at biological tissue at a very rapid pace.

Scorpions carapace makes a clicking sound when it moves, and he possesses a second pair of arms which allow him to climb up rough (or soft) surfaces with ease. He is twice the size of a normal man, and three times the weight, but moves with agility and speed.


Mac Gargan was a private detective who had trouble making ends meet. He turned to petty crime, and one evening he broke into the private workshop of a criminal supplier known as “The Tinkerer.” Gargan was captured by the Tinkerer’s guards, but was impressed enough with Gargan’s “gumption” that he offered him a job. Gargan was equipped with an armored battlesuit, and became known as “The Scorpion.”

After a few odd-jobs with the Tinkerer, he was sub-contracted out to work for HYDRA. There he met Morrie Bench, aka Hydroman,and the two became fast friends. After a few run-ins with the Avengers, each resulting in defeat and the loss of a Scorpion suit, the Tinkerer fired Gargan and refused to provide another suit of armor. Gargan, feeling weaker and less important than ever, went to extreme (and sometimes idiotic) means to find a way to gain power. Eventually, he managed to get his hands on an experimental formula, and his wish was granted. Able to transform into a monster, Scorpion once again feels like he can take on the world.


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