Bede Stewart a cursed man who is forced to jump between bodies and help others find their correct path in the afterlife.


Bede Stewart 1864 – cursed 1937
AKA: Beardsley Fulton
Reason: EX
Intuition: IN
Psyche: AM
Energy Sponge: 1000 pts
Energy Conversion: AM (50)
Death Precognition: Bede has the ability to tell if someone, that is close to his person, is about to die. Not when they will but if they are in eminent danger of death.


At the age of 73 Bede Stewart was a fine Professor of Ancient History and Archeology at Cambridge University. He had published numerous papers, written fictional books on the legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood, and even wrote his thoughts on both of these legends and how they could possibly be based on real historical people.

It was in June of 1937, finishing his last year of teaching Bede was contacted by one of his old student. The student described an archeological find that would change not only Britain’s history forever but the worlds. Bede could not pass up this one last chance to relive his youth. He packed a few belongings and headed to the Hebrides.

There Bede, his friend Alfred, and a small team found what could only be called an ancient burial chamber cut into one of the cliff faces.

This find was beyond anything Bede could have imagined. Looking at the old images carved into the stone, the images of what could only be described as knights fighting demons, dragons flying, giant cat-monsters, witches, men dying. There he found an old, moss covered box. Slowly he lifted the box but his old hands slipped and the box fell. The old steel covered wooden box splintered just a bit. A hole no larger than a penny was made. But with a flash light one could peer inside. There in the box lay what looked to be a small bone.

A sudden flash of green light…a strong smell of sulfur and there stood a stooped over old woman. Laughing, ranting in old Gaelic. Her words were lost on Bede. She pointed at him and said in her strange tongue something. In his mind he could finally understand her words. Thou hath freed me, fool. What time is this?

1937 was all he could stammer. He looked around. His friend, the others all just laid there.

They are no more fool. I have been released to soon. The time is not yet right. I must now wait…but for your part in this, you old worm, none shall hear of this from your lips. Your face will be seen no more on this plane.

Her clawed like hands rose above her head, her voice grew in strength, words heard then forgotten.

Terrified, Bede fell back on to the body of his friend. His hands searching around for anything, only to find the old box and a flash light.

The woman lowered both hands, pointing at Bede, and let out a ghastly howl as green smoke and light seemed to wash over him. Bede drew up the box and flash light covering his face and then passed out.

Bede awoke. Not sure how much time had passed. He picked himself up, grabbed the flash light and the now empty box. Slowly he left the cave stepping over the bodies. Climbing down to where the campsite. Not sure what to do, where to go. Bede found a set of keys, not his but perhaps to one of the others. Finally finding the correct vehicle, an Armstrong Siddeley, he got in…slowly making his way to the airstrip.

It is at the airstrip Bede discovers that he is no longer himself but in the body of his dear friend. So his curse has begun.


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