Monument to St. Eutropia

A Granite Block Dedications to Saint Eutropia, Concealing a Great Secret


A block of granite quarried over 1,500 years before, the 48″ × 30″ × 30″ block is engraved with imagery and Latin dedications to Lady Eutropia. Hidden within the carvings was a series of numbers, the Fibonacci Sequence, a mathematical concept not a part of Western mathematics until centuries later. While it could have been carved into the granite long after the dedications were orignally made, both carvings appeared contemporaneous.

The Stand, recognizing the numbers and the anachronism, further investigated the block. He discovered that it was hollowed out, without any identifiable method of opening, and used his powers of molding matter to open the block. Inside, he discovered a collection of his equipment; an exact copy of the equipment he was currently wearing. In addition was a disintegrating note, written in his own handwriting; the surviving words read “…in order to avoid a paradox…”


Monument to St. Eutropia

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