A phase-shifting villain working for Kang the Conqueror


Ghost is a 31st Century mercenary hired by Kang the Conqueror to provide security in case the Avengers interfered with Kang’s plans. While his real name and background are unknown, he has demonstrated abilities which may have given rise to his “nom de guerre.”

Ghost wears a specialized energy mesh suit created in the 31st century. With that suit, he is able to shift completely out of phase with matter and energy. But for that his suit is designed to emit a pale greenish glow of “in phase” light (a process he can choose to disable), he would become invisible to all forms of light and energy. He wears specially designed goggles, laryngeal and ear implants to allow him to see, speak to and hear things which are “in phase.” While this appears to have provided him with some protection from the compelling power of Nightingale’s hypnotic voice, he was still blinded by a flash of light created by Vessel. With these exceptions noted, whenever he is phase-shifted, Ghost is apparently immune to all forms of physical and energy attacks.

Ghost was able to strike “in phase” targets, however, and cause a slight amount of damage (like a punch to the solar plexus), a maneuver he called tagging.



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