The Stand

Once in everyones life you are going to have to stand for something...


Jack Spencer aka The Stand
Born and raised in the Clinton Area of New York City (Hell’s Kitchen). Growing up, Jack would hear old stories of how his grandfather, Franklin J Spencer, a decorated and well known New York City cop during the late 50s to the early 70s, tried to keep the streets safe from all the Westie hooligans.

But every Friday you would find ol’ Frank down at Patty’s having a pint with James Coonan’s (head of the Westies) boys. Times were different then, better almost he would say. At least there seemed to be some sort of code. The thugs these days just lash out at anyone they see fit. Its not that his grandfather approved of what the Westies did, it just seemed different. Like no one is safe these days. Those stories stayed with young Jack.

Growing up was difficult for Jack. He seemed to figure things out before the teachers could explain. Early on, he learned to hide how smart he really was. Being smart was not a good thing with friends like Jack had. Constantly in trouble for getting into fights that were never his fault: “Some on had to take a stand against those guys, why not me” he would say. His grandfather, long since retired but not far from the precinct, signed him up for the Police Athletics League boxing. Jack learned a lot those long summers in the ring.

Jack was to smart for his own good. Finishing high school early, he turned down a scholarship to MIT. Jack wanted to stay in New York, if not the city, at least the state. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from RIT in two years and then a Masters in Nanotechnology Engineering from Albany University.

Jack could not wait to come home. His parents had moved out of Clinton to a more upscale, “safer” neighborhood by then but his grandfather would not.

Ol’Frank had his same old barstool at Patty’s till the day he died.

His last words to Jack were this, “Boyo, you are pretty smart. But don’t be too smart or you will miss something. There are people who can’t stand on their own cause they got people stepping on them. Some one has got to stand for them. Someone has got to help them.”

Frank died in his sleep to the sound of gun shots that were echoing on the streets below.

The Stand

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